Kimber Watkins Photo-Fever | <<< Native Spirit >>> Photo-Fever Model Team Represent "Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Fire"

<<< Native Spirit >>> Photo-Fever Model Team Represent "Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Fire"

November 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My team had a ton of fun with this themed model shoot!  In this months challenge something in the final image had to be made by someone on the team.  Inspired by the ability to create: fashion, accessories, the story element and Halloween we came up with “Native Spirit”.   It was so much fun designing pieces that correlated together to tell their story.  Every aspect of the scene is related; the colors and symbols used for both the horse and the girls have meaning. Prayer is a sacred aspect to Native Americans.  The prayer stick in our scene symbolizes prayer to the Creator for our earth, our people, our community, special healing and protection. Native American’s often used paint for themselves and their horses for times of war, prayer, victory and counsel.  The colors and symbols we used represent power, wisdom, confidence and great healing.   There is a great need for a spiritual arising across our country.  These girls boldly represent grace, beauty, spirit and fire.

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Models: Alexandria Knoles & Mady Gibson

Makeup & Outfit Design (including handmade jewelry pieces, horses war paint and native prayer stick): Photo-Fever Model Team members: Kimber Watkins, Tammy Henderson, Alexandria Knoles & Mady Gibson, Lani Grace and Brie Grimes



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