Kimber Watkins Photo-Fever | Athens Girl Surprised with Going Away Shoot Night Before Leaving for Basic Training

Athens Girl Surprised with Going Away Shoot Night Before Leaving for Basic Training

October 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meagan Rapp decided she wanted to do something for her country and for herself so she joined the United States Air Force.  This feisty little country girl is homegrown and cowgirl tuff.  Meagan is driven with strength and determination to take charge of her own life and is willing to take the ultimate risk in order to be true to who she is. 

Meagan, a former Photo-Fever model, graduated Athens High School in 2014.  Several models from Meagan’s team contacted us over the summer wanting to do a reunion shoot.  We decided it would be the perfect opportunity to do something special for Meagan before she left.  With both teams collaborating together we decided to surprise Meagan September 14th, the night before she left for basic training with a going away shoot!  Mike George, owner of The Air Combat Museum at the Springfield Airport allowed us to use a North American P51D Mustang WWII fighter plane and helped us with the scene set up!  Having a few of our previous models mixed with a few of our current models made this shoot extra special for both us and Meagan!  We are super proud of the decision that Meagan has made to follow her dreams and loved that we were able to surprise her with a shoot capturing the love and support of her team! #PhotoFeverSEEN #USAstrong #USairforce #PhotoFever #likeaboss

A huge thanks to all the PhotoFever Models who came out to support Meagan! The models in this shoot was: Meagan Rapp former model, Erin Abel former model, Taylor Borski former model, Alexis Milner former and current model, Lani Grace former and current junior model, Jordan Merry current model, Loryn VanHoos current model, Becca Downs current model, Alexandria Knoles current model, Kirsten Rapp current model.  Thank you to our behind the scenes help from Mike George and of course team leader Kelley Milner!  

You can see more images as well as some fun behind the scenes shots on the PhotoFever Facebook page soon.  Be sure to check them out and like the page!


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