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<<< Native Spirit >>> Photo-Fever Model Team Represent "Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Fire"

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My team had a ton of fun with this themed model shoot!  In this months challenge something in the final image had to be made by someone on the team.  Inspired by the ability to create: fashion, accessories, the story element and Halloween we came up with “Native Spirit”.   It was so much fun designing pieces that correlated together to tell their story.  Every aspect of the scene is related; the colors and symbols used for both the horse and the girls have meaning. Prayer is a sacred aspect to Native Americans.  The prayer stick in our scene symbolizes prayer to the Creator for our earth, our people, our community, special healing and protection. Native American’s often used paint for themselves and their horses for times of war, prayer, victory and counsel.  The colors and symbols we used represent power, wisdom, confidence and great healing.   There is a great need for a spiritual arising across our country.  These girls boldly represent grace, beauty, spirit and fire.

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Models: Alexandria Knoles & Mady Gibson

Makeup & Outfit Design (including handmade jewelry pieces, horses war paint and native prayer stick): Photo-Fever Model Team members: Kimber Watkins, Tammy Henderson, Alexandria Knoles & Mady Gibson, Lani Grace and Brie Grimes


Petersburg High School Senior is Selected as Finalist in National Modeling Competition

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Alexandria Knoles, Porta High School Senior and Kimber Watkins Photo-Fever Model, has been selected as a national finalist in We Are The SEEN’s “The 12” modeling competition.  The contest focuses on storytelling and highlighting the lives of exceptional high school seniors across the nation. 

Out of hundreds of entries across the nation, Alexandria’s story and images placed her in the top group of 60 some finalist.  I absolutely love having Alexandria on my model team; she radiates joy and a love of life that is contagious. We are very proud that Alexandria is a finalist and look forward to being the platform to help share her vision and her story with the world!

“The 12” are a select group of 12 high school seniors chosen by the We Are The SEEN Campaign following a nationwide selection process.  The focus is on individualism, undiscovered talent and originality.”

The winners of the competition will be announced on October 12.  Winners receive an editorial feature in SEEN, a style and culture magazine aimed at teens and young adults and a national modeling contract including opportunities for various modeling shoots across the nation! 

About Kimber Watkins Photo-Fever.

Kimber Watkins Photo-Fever is a boutique photography studio based outside of Rochester, Illinois serving primarily the small towns of Central IL from Petersburg down to Auburn.  Specializing in editorial fashion high school senior and country couture images, Kimber offers a custom photography experience.

You can find out more information about We Are The SEEN and watch for the release of winners at


Athens Girl Surprised with Going Away Shoot Night Before Leaving for Basic Training

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Meagan Rapp decided she wanted to do something for her country and for herself so she joined the United States Air Force.  This feisty little country girl is homegrown and cowgirl tuff.  Meagan is driven with strength and determination to take charge of her own life and is willing to take the ultimate risk in order to be true to who she is. 

Meagan, a former Photo-Fever model, graduated Athens High School in 2014.  Several models from Meagan’s team contacted us over the summer wanting to do a reunion shoot.  We decided it would be the perfect opportunity to do something special for Meagan before she left.  With both teams collaborating together we decided to surprise Meagan September 14th, the night before she left for basic training with a going away shoot!  Mike George, owner of The Air Combat Museum at the Springfield Airport allowed us to use a North American P51D Mustang WWII fighter plane and helped us with the scene set up!  Having a few of our previous models mixed with a few of our current models made this shoot extra special for both us and Meagan!  We are super proud of the decision that Meagan has made to follow her dreams and loved that we were able to surprise her with a shoot capturing the love and support of her team! #PhotoFeverSEEN #USAstrong #USairforce #PhotoFever #likeaboss

A huge thanks to all the PhotoFever Models who came out to support Meagan! The models in this shoot was: Meagan Rapp former model, Erin Abel former model, Taylor Borski former model, Alexis Milner former and current model, Lani Grace former and current junior model, Jordan Merry current model, Loryn VanHoos current model, Becca Downs current model, Alexandria Knoles current model, Kirsten Rapp current model.  Thank you to our behind the scenes help from Mike George and of course team leader Kelley Milner!  

You can see more images as well as some fun behind the scenes shots on the PhotoFever Facebook page soon.  Be sure to check them out and like the page!

Bryton 2016 Senior Session Highlights

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Bryton is a 2016 senior at Glenwood High School.  I LOVED capturing Bryton's senior session.  First off, who wouldn't love starting their session at Starbucks!  Coffee shops makes a great location for capturing senior portraits especially when that is one of your favorite hangouts!  With a little #wanderlust going on we hit the road from there, traveling from Springfield to Rochester, Buckhart, Bolivia, and finished up in Taylorville!  #PhotoFeverSEEN #PhotoFever #2016senior

You can see more images from Bryton's senior session on the Photo-Fever Facebook page.  Be sure to check them out and like our page!   

Becca Downs 2016 Senior Highlights

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Becca is a 2016 senior at Auburn High School. Becca split her Be SEEN session into 2 sessions: a day shoot and an evening sports shoot. We had a rocky start to her session, woke up with it raining (imagine that!) so we checked the weather and pushed it back a few hours which worked out perfect! Becca was sooooo fun to work with. We captured every aspect of exactly who Becca is: from sweet country girl, to a little urban grunge, to ‪#‎girl boss‬. #PhotoFeverSEEN 

Loryn VanHoos 2016 Senior Portrait Highlights

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Loryn is a 2016 senior at Auburn High School.  We had a blast during Loryn's urban BE SEEN senior session!  I'm not sure if my favorite was the "rail road graveyard" or playing in the fountain downtown.  Loryn has such a sweet playful personality, we had a great time hamming it up all over downtown!  She kept me laughing the entire time!  I so love what I do!  

Kirsten Rapp 2016 Senior Session Highlights

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Kirsten may be pretty in pink but is dangerous in camo!  This sweet country girl grew up on a farm outside of Athens, IL and can go from poms to archery without breaking a nail! Farming is a huge part of Kirsten’s life!  She grew up on a sheep farm and loves every aspect of it!  Kirsten says, “Showing sheep has played a role in shaping who I am today.  It has taught me that I need to work hard to succeed, discipline, the importance of comradery, and respect.”  Kirsten is actively involved in poms  NHS, FFA, 4-H, and archery!  Kirsten plans on obtaining her master’s in Wildlife Biology and wants to continue on the family tradition of sheep farming in the future.  We had a blast during Kirsten's BE SEEN senior session wandering all over the Athens and Petersburg areas!  

Check out more highlights from Kirsten's BE SEEN senior session on the Photo-Fever Facebook page as well as some behind the scenes pics taken during her shoot!  Be sure to check us out and like our page!   





SUMMER FUN July's Themed Model Shoot

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Love the lazy days of summer! There is nothing better than cooling off in the pond after a long day on the farm! Had so much fun during July's Model shoot with Photo-Fever models Jordan Merry, Anthony Frank, and Elijah Malik  ‪#‎PhotoFeverSEEN‬ ‪#‎PhotoFever‬‪ #‎summer fun‬

You can see more highlights from Photo-Fever's themed model shoot on the Photo-Fever Facebook page as well as some behind the scenes shots!  Be sure to check them out and like our page!  




Alexandria Knoles 2016 Senior

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"Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one's time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds to our future."  Alexandria is a 2016 senior at Porta High School.  I and so much fun during her senior portrait session!  This girl has a wide variety of looks; I love the sultry fire she shoots!  We hada blast hamming it up around the Petersburg area.   ‪#‎keepdreaming‬ ‪#‎inspired‬ ‪#‎PhotoFeverSEEN‬ ‪#‎PhotoFever #2016senior #seniorphotos‬

2016 senior portraits on rail road tracks.

You can see more highlights from Alexandria's senior session plus behind the scenes shots on the Photo-Fever Facebook page!  Be sure to like our page and check them out! 



Skylar's Senior Session Highlights

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